Still royally me

I’ve moved:



Love bites

Finally, I finished reading all of these:

The Vampire Academy series.

The fifth book, Spirit Bound,  is coming out in May.

And. I. Can’t. Wait.

This is so much better than the Twilight Saga, and before you Twihards stone me for saying that, let me just say that I love the Twilight Saga as well. It’s just that I believe Richelle Mead’s story and writing are so much more pulled together, more coherent. The storyline is great, and the characters are so fascinating.

Oh yeah.

Dimitri Belikov, you can bite me any time, whether as a Dhampir or a Strigoi.

You make Edward Cullen look like a sissy.

Team Belikov all the way.

And Rose Hathaway? The girl can rule the world.

She can break hearts and arms, without any effort.

And she’s sassy, streetsmart,  flirty, and doesn’t apologize for it.

I wish I were more like her—so I can rule the world.

I’ll probably one of the readers who’ll hunt down Richelle Mead with a silver stake if she doesn’t give Dimitri and Rose a happy ending.

Up & down; looking forward & backward: LOVE

Photo by Shawn Rocco

It’s simply one of the most striking and beautiful images I’ve ever seen.

Stark, yet full of emotions.

So ordinary, yet so special.

I want to  find myself in that kind of picture in the near future.

And amazingly, this was taken by a cellular phone camera.

One doesn’t need a fancy gadget to capture something as lovely



i write……..

“You write. That’s the hard bit that nobody sees. You write on the good days and you write on the lousy days. Like a shark, you have to keep moving or you die.”

.Neil Gaiman.

Writing takes a lot from me. On some days, it’s a breeze to write, but there are more days when I have to bleed just to write. We’re not even talking about writing a novel, or a short story or what, but just a simple blog entry. I love to write, and I am thankful that somehow, I have that ability and desire to do so. Even if I have to bleed sometimes. I can’t have it all,but I have something. No, make that “I have a lot”.

Lovelier the 2nd time……..

My second tattoo, courtesy of Gene Testa

……..and twice as painful.

But in the end, it was all worth it.
Inked on 3 January 2010.
I love it.
Even if it was helluva painful.

And you get a free peek at my favorite pink lacy pannies!

Yesh, I got me a tramp stamp.


Who would’ve thought?

Bonne Année!

Vintage French postcard from The French Factrice

I just wanted to have something French-y here, for a good start for 2010.

And the lil angel girl is so adorable, with those angel wings and that innocent wonder that all children should rightfully have and enjoy.

Thanks to The French Factrice, which has a collection of the most beautiful vintage postcards.

01 January 2010


I just realized it a few seconds ago.

Looks nice!