People Magazine, great choice! Last year it was Hugh Jackman, and I heartily approved.

This year, I approve again, with all my heart.

I love this man.

Be still my beating heart. He's still rockin' hot and gorgeous at 45.

Aside from being so drop-dead gorgeous and hot, he’s got a good heart, too. Dear Johnny has offered to help fellow actor Nicolas Cage, after the latter found himself saddled with $6 million in back taxes. Johnny has always felt that he owes his career to Mr. Cage, who helped him break into the movies by introducing him to his agent. He never forgot his debt of gratitude to Nicolas Cage, even after all these years.

So let’s see…good looks, good heart, great talent, a loving father….Vanessa Paradis is one lucky lady.

I wanna have my own Johnny Depp too.