Open-minded Catholic.

Inked. And will be inked again.

Hard-headed. Curly-haired.

Sister. Daughter. Auntie. Friend. Teacher.

Amelie is my feel-good movie. And Pixar movies.


love, carousels, reading by candlelight, whimsicality, brewed coffee, Apple gadgets, stamped passports, Robert Downey, Jr., Custo Barcelona, sun, Beetle cars, old churches, Givenchy, British accents, spontaneity, Mama Mary, stained glass, spirituality, German football team, Kusunagi Mokoto, laughing, traveling, Takeshi Kaneshiro, sea, sand, sleeping, dreaming, tears of joy, Angelina Jolie, good conversations, China chic, black leggings, communication for social change, French films, crepes, Coldplay, Audrey Hepburn, mini coopers, Alain Delon, true friends, true love, my nieces, Chanel, Muay Thai, sunshine on my face, black lace stockings, Carla Bruni, long walks, my sisters-in-law, finding objects in the clouds, Wong Kar Wai, Thai food, Johnny Depp, high heels, sneakers, ballet flats, Crocs, dogs, my brothers, dancing with my 2 left feet, my Father…and so on and on and on……..

I do my best to be happy. I'm quirky like that. (:

I do my best to be happy. I'm quirky like that. (: