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Wearing Nick Joaquin

They were a bit pricey, as far as tee shirts go. I mean, hey, I work for the government. I had even made a promise to myself that I’d keep shopping to a minimum this Christmas season and even beyond.

However, just one look, and I was hooked.

Landscape Without Figures by Nick Joaquin by Freeway

And Nick Joaquin is one the best writers ever, and still very much revered, even after his death in 2004. I figured, if I were to spend on a shirt, this was justifiable since I adore his writing. My first brush with him was when I was in the fourth grade, when my dear Mother gave me this book, Joaquinisquerie: Myth a la Mode, which was basically a collection of fairy tales that he had retold. Think Neil Gaiman retelling Snow White in his Snow, Glass, Apples.  How smart was my Mother, to introduce Nick Joaquin to ten-year-old-moi in the friendliest way possible? Oh Ma, I’m so thankful to this day, that you made me and my brothers love reading.

So back to the shirts.

The colors and design reminded me so much of another favorite brand of mine, Custo Barcelona. So whimsical. So me.

The shirts were so pretty, so I bought another one:

A Portrait of An Artist as a Filipino by Nick Joaquin by Freeway

A Portrait of An Artist as a Filipino was one of his works that we were required to read in first year high school. Seeing that shirt brought back lots of memories.

the care tag...I love it!

The shirts had probably one of the sassiest care tags I’ve ever seen!

hang tag

And yeah, I bought the shirts at Freeway.

It’s not a shop that I frequent, but their National Artist series is a great idea, methinks.  There are other fun stuff in the collection, including a cute shirt dress, but my I was so afraid of blowing away a week’s pay cheque in one go.

Maybe next time.


This holiday season, they’re featuring another artist, Ang Kiukok. If I had enough moolah, I would’ve gotten the gorgeous Ang Kiukok shirt in blazing orange.

*insert another sigh here*

But still…….. I have two pretty pretty pretty shirts!

I’m a happy girl!


I love you, Vivienne Tam!

I’m a Mac user/lover, and it’s almost next to impossibleto go PC once you become enamored by Steve Jobs, believe me. Hardcore Mac users know this feeling. Lolo Steve has that power.  And then someone like Lola Vivienne comes along, and has a strong enough power to make me forget Lolo Steve for a while.

Vogue USA, March 2009. Via

Vogue USA, March 2009. Via

Pretty little red thing, this Vivienne Tam mini notebook.

Pretty little red thing, this Vivienne Tam mini notebook.

*My youngest brother said that it looked like someone ripped off someone’s qi pao and covered the notebook with it. You gotta love men’s descriptions of girly stuff.*

The HP Mini 100 Vivienne Tam Edition. It was retailed for $700 in the US, while it was sold here in the Philippines for around P27,000. Much cheaper here, when converted.  It was released here in May, and with it being a limited edition, it is now discontinued, and no longer available in stores. So I searched, and researched. Good thing I did, because if I had bidded and won on Ebay, I would be crying now.


The newest Vivienne Tam x HP.

The newest Vivienne Tam x HP.

It was a good thing I read the announcement on HP’s website that they’ll have an unveiling of the 2nd generation Vivienne Tam Mini HP at the New York Fashion Week.  The new design will be inspired by the tragic Chinese love story “Butterfly Lovers”.

Butterflies. Okay. I was hoping the main color won’t be pink, even if it is my favorite color. The red on the first one was just lovely, and so…imperial. That’s the adjective I could think of right now, hehe.

So I watched the live streaming of the Vivienne Tam fashion show on Stylecaster this morning, and true enough, butterflies were everywhere. And thank goodness, the mini notebook wasn’t pink. Instead, it had a “champagne gold” background. Woot. The color name alone makes me feel heady.

VTbutterflyFrom Business Wire:

HP and world-renowned designer Vivienne Tam unveil the new look in digital clutch chic at Tam’s Spring 2010 fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week at Bryant Park. The HP Vivienne Tam digital clutch marries two cultures – fashion and technology – to reflect transformative spirit and chic lifestyle. Inspired by the classic Chinese love story concerto “Butterfly Lovers,” the design features elegant butterflies that are brought to life on a champagne gold backdrop. The HP Vivienne Tam digital clutch will be available in Spring 2010.

So, I’ll be a good girl so that by the time Spring 2010 rolls in, I’ll be able to catch this butterfly. And Lola Vivienne said that the butterflies “represent romance, freedom, empowerment and transformation“. I need all those (and badly, if I may add) so I’m gonna get that mini notebook for sure. Heh. Good luck to me and my money-saving habits.